Long Island SEO: The Essential Do’s & Don’ts Of Keyword Research

One of the most important steps involved in any Long Island SEO process is keyword research. After all, if you’re going to rank on search engines, you must focus on the best terms that will yield results. This level of research goes a long way, provided it’s carried out well. There are both right and wrong ways to go about it. Keep the following do’s and don’ts in mind so that you go about keyword research in the best way possible. DO keep a local focus in mind. First and foremost, SEO strategies should be designed with local focuses in place. One of the reasons for this, according to names like fishbat.com, is that it can help even the smallest of brands rank quicker. For example, a bakery that’s located in Miami want to hone in on terms like “bakeries in Florida.” While this is just one example, it should give you a general view of what local SEO entails. DON’T overlook the importance of keyword volume. One of the most interesting things to know about keywords is that they aren’t treated the same. This is where keyword volume comes into play, as it’s determined by how often certain terms are searched for. The more searches there are, the greater that volume becomes. While it might go without saying, it’s an SEO expert’s best interest to focus on terms that yield the most searches. DO consider the seasonality of certain keywords. This is especially vital for ecommerce websites, seeing as how they might see slower months than others. For example, if a snowplow company is looking to get involved in SEO, they should expect to see fewer searches during the spring and summer months. Their keywords will perform extraordinarily during autumn and winter months, too. This is just one way that SEO can be considered seasonal. DON’T change keywords if you don’t immediately see results. As a matter of fact, you should know that the average SEO strategy takes months for results to be shown. What this means is that you cannot be hasty. If you’re impatient, you’re more likely to change keywords, deviating from the strategy that you initially set in place. Results will come, but this will only occur if you stick with your current strategy over the course of time. For more information about SEO, kindly get in touch with fishbat today.

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