Online Marketing Companies: Myspace’s 3 Claims To Fame

If you were online during the early aughts, chances are that you know the name “Myspace.” While it doesn’t mean much outside of music, back then it was the first of its kind. It was a social media juggernaut that many people used, even to the point where the least tech-savvy person recognized the name. Despite the fact that it’s a smaller platform now, it has quite a few claims to fame. A number of online marketing companies will be able to agree. What caused Myspace to fade into obscurity, outside of music? One can make the argument that the site itself wasn’t as stable, especially when it came to profile pages. Depending on the computer you were using, your browser ran the risk of crashing if a certain profile had too much going on. Facebook, as simplistic as it might have been by comparison, didn’t run into the same problem. Any online marketing company will tell you that stability matters. Myspace isn’t without its lasting qualities, though, and here are just 3 that shouldn’t be forgotten. Myspace has quite a few lasting qualities, among them the idea that it helped to make the Internet trendy. According to names such as, in the early days of the Internet, it was seen as a tool that only nerds used. By comparison, Myspace was seen as cutting edge. It was a site that you wanted to be on, even if you had no intention of going online for any other reason. Yes, this site wasn’t the only factor in the early growth of the Internet’s popularity but it’s fair to say that it had an impact. Myspace was effective in terms of bringing attention to multimedia, too. As someone that was on Myspace during the site’s most popular times, it wasn’t uncommon for me to see photos and videos galore. As a matter of fact, the site currently has a niche carved for itself in the music sphere. These types of media matter and Myspace embracing them as it did cannot be denied. Perhaps the most remarkable quality that defines Myspace’s legacy is that it showed just how popular social media would become. Not only did these sites allow people to connect to family members and friends, but showcase their passions as well. Reasons such as these brought attention to the growth of other platforms including, but not limited to, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. More than anything else, it seems, Myspace showed that social media would stick around in different forms. Kindly contact fishbat if you would care for details regarding online marketing services.