Want To Develop A New WordPress Plugin?

A great WordPress plugin must have the following features and characteristics to make it ideal for implementation by the WordPress administrator.

Straightforward and easy install procedure: Installation is the main process in the implementation of a plugin especially for a system such as WordPress. WordPress has a lot of features already built in and the plugins are developed to complement these features and add custom features for the easy administration and manipulation. If the installation of this system is complicated the administrator won’t go for it.

A good un-installation process: This is as important as installation itself. Removal of the software should not in any ways impede the operation of the rest of the system. A good plugin should make sure that it stays independent of the rest of the system and does its work seamlessly without trying to alter anything else that can cause the system to fail.

Seamless and secure upgrade: Good software and plugins must be able to upgrade without any trouble. This would make sure that the software is error free and is evolving. This is very important in the case of plugins because these are small software components that perform a specific task, if one of these go down then the whole feature goes down.

Localization and local language support for the administrator: Every administrator would not understand English and would require some language support to use the interface of the plugin; a plugin should be able to provide this feature.

Error recovery and processing of the error: It is always good to have error recovery system built into a plugin, this makes sure that the administrator is able to find out what the error is and correct it if he can, or in the case of a complex error go to the developer for support.

Import/Export options: A good import and export option is necessary. This helps in porting a plugin from one system to another. Import and export option make sure that transporting and implementing your system from one place to the other is easy. It gives the administrator the flexibility to shift from different architectures and systems.

A good user interface: A plugin must possess a good user interface to add a menu based navigation for the admin; this would ease the tasks for the admin and make the plugin more useful. A good user interface must be intuitive to the administrator who is the end user here. It must provide him with enough options to manipulate the configurations for the plugin.

Security of the Plugins: A great plugin should not be vulnerability in the system.

Keep track of changes: A good plugin must be able to keep track of the changes to the plugin and update when necessary.

Good support: A plugin that is well supported and documented is a big plus.

The above mentioned are the most important characteristics of a WordPress plugin.

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